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EINA’s students present their “Jump for Barcelona” projects

EINA’s students present their “Jump for Barcelona” projects

The second-year students of Eina Barcelona Design School presented their projects for “A Jump for Barcelona” design contest in the RCPB. The winning project will be part of the CSIO Barcelona 2018 courses.  The objective of the action, under way for several years, is to continue strengthening the existing link between the centenary sport competition and our city.

Five students in Design Degree from this prestigious design school- Anna Millá, with the “Metropolis” project; Clara Font with ““Traçant la Diagonal”, Mar Cardá with “Univers Miró; Miriam Koraichi with “Paviment Irregular” and Lluís Domingo with “Santa  Caterina”- defended the finalists mockups in front of jury composed by: RCPB president, Curro Espinós; Gabriel Arranz,event department director of the Barcelona Sport Institute; El Periódico de Catalunya director, Joan Alegre; RCPB Foundation president, Emilio Zegrí; CSIO Barcelona president, Santiago Mercé; CSIO Barcelona course designer Santiago Varela with Elena Boix, Eina’s teacher, Judit Colomer and Eina’s assistant director, Enric Mas.

The winning Project, that students have developed within their “ephemeral spaces design” and “Mockups and prototypes” classes, will be known at the beginning of June.