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“L’Eixample” wins the “A Jump for the City” competition

“L’Eixample” wins the “A Jump for the City” competition

Maica Avenido and Jialen Yangji from the Massana School in Barcelona have won the latest edition of the “A Jump for the City” competition, with their project entitled “L’Eixample”. This obstacle, still in the form of a model, will be built at the Real Club de Polo carpentry shop and will become part of the CSIO Barcelona 2017 courses.

These two high school students from the Massana School of Art and Design (Escola Massana d’Art i Disseny) in Barcelona were inspired by the city’s l’Eixample district. The jump consists of a wall that incorporates a map of this neighborhood, with the Gran Vía avenue running through it. In the map area, the median strips along the avenues are represented as gaps, while the left and right sides of the obstacle will be a solid piece.

A total of 6 projects were submitted for the contest and the judges were Annamari Basora from the La Vanguardia newspaper; Curro Espinós, President of the RCPB; Luis Comas, President of the RCPB Foundation; Santi Varela and Elena Boix, course directors; David Escudé, Sports Commissioner from city government of Barcelona; Emilio Zegrí, President of CSIO Barcelona and the Catalonia Equestrian Federation (FCH), and Xavier Capmany, Director of the Massana School. They faced a very difficult decision when it came time to select a winner, because all of the projects showed so much talent and creativity.