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"Little Rider's Corner" in CSIO Barcelona

The children's area will be represented by the Little Riders Corner by Massimo Dutti and theTheodora Foundation. The younger guests will enjoy a Pony Park where he will receive their "equestrian baptism" and will have their first contact with horses. They will also have fun in the play area, with crafts and artistic functions, carried out by the Theodora Foundation..

We also collaborate with Mary's Meals and ADE, Association in Defense of the Equidae.


Fundación Theodora
Mary's Meals
ADE. Asociación Defensa Équidos

Pony Park in the city

The Pony Park was born five years ago. This equestrian center located in a city park, makes it possible for all Barcelona children to include an equestrian project in their education plan. Children will not only theorize about horses, but experience new feelings with the ponies that will help instill in them respect and love for animals and nature. During this year more than 5.000 children will visit the park.